Mundo de Talentos, located in Chiapas, Mexico, is very pleased with the official start of her study and vocational orientation program. The confidence and financial support of the Dutch shipbuilding company DAMEN SHIPYARDS and IMC Charitable Foundation makes this possible. After a very successful pilot project with 20 students participating in the first months of 2018, the project will continue from January 2019 with a group of 40 boys and girls from San Cristobal de Las Casas.

On January 25 the official opening will take place with the students, parents, school boards, delegates from Damen Shipyards, the municipal head of Education of San Cristobal de Las Casas, and the team of Mundo de Talentos. At the location of the Pequeňo Sol primary school, the students and the team will meet and celebrate the start of the first year together with the guests.

Mundo de Talentos (World of Talents) is the first sister school of IMC Weekendschool in Latin America and introduces students from 10-13 years old to the world of interesting professions and study choices. The main focus of the project caters to children from low-income families who would otherwise not have access to vocational training. Enthusiastic professionals share their experiences and invite the students to learn in a participative manner about possible career opportunities. Mundo de Talentos contributes to the personal and professional development of Mexican youth and focusses on the strengthening of self-esteem, the improvement of the sense of belonging in society and broadening future perspectives.

Making Mundo de Talentos possible

Mundo de Talentos connects two worlds; our prospective partners and the students looking to be inspired by them. Through various methods such as the utilization of guest teachers, comprehensive educational packages, and adaptable curriculums Mundo de Talentos allows for companies and organizations to obtain a platform to enthuse students about a particular craft or work field. In this way, perspective entities contribute to the development and future prospects of young people in Mexican society.

In January 2019 Mundo de Talentos starts with the first year of the project, with the aim to develop this into a successful program, in which hundreds of students will have access to free study and professional orientation in the coming years in the south of Mexico.

To turn Mundo de Talentos into a success, we always look for new partners. The aim is to create broad support in the region. This means that we are looking for multiple parties that want to support the program with their network or a financial contribution. Mundo de Talentos is very pleased with the support of DAMEN SHIPYARDS and IMC Charitable Foundation and is open to possible new collaborations with interested parties.

For more information please contact:

Laura Baas (Founder and project coordinator):  Tel: +52 1 9671187578

Eleni Asimakopoulos (Co-founder, fundraising and training): Tel: +31 6 47096998

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