On Saturday, May 11, within the framework of the Technology module, students from Mundo de Talentos visited Shipyard # 20 in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, to observe the construction of a state-of-the-art boat: a project of collaboration between the Secretary of the Navy and the Dutch company DAMEN – one of the founding partners of Mundo de Talentos.

After a six-hour road trip, the students were received by the naval engineers Juan Pablo Molina and Frank Verhelst with a very inspiring presentation on the design and construction of the 107-meter-long naval vessel. After several questions and comments from the students, they were given a tour around the shipyard and were able to board the ship under construction named ‘ARM Reformador’.

It was a unique opportunity to appreciate the facilities of such a high-tech boat! The hosts served lunch at the Naval Club of the Marina and afterwards there was still time for a very brief visit to the beach. It was an incredibly rich excursion in terms of information and attention from the company DAMEN and the Navy. The students and the Mundo de Talentos team strongly appreciate the hospitality and support for the development of the project, offering us such a beautiful and unforgettable experience!

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