On Saturday October 12th, we celebrated the start of a new cycle of activities of Mundo de Talentos with the new generation, counting 40 students. While ´the older ones´ -which participate in the second year of the program- were working on the subject of Communication with journalist Carlos Herrera, the new students played games to get to know each other and worked as a team to deepen the six thematic modules that they will work on throughout the year. At the end of the session, in the presence of their parents, the students presented the contents of the modules of Tourism, Integral Health, Arts and Crafts, Technology, Communication and Environmental Care.

We started this new cycle of Mundo de Talentos´ activities with great enthusiasm. The Mundo de Talentos team is very happy to welcome to the program these 20 new girls and 20 new boys of eight different elementary schools in the southern area of San Cristóbal de Las Casas. From now on we will work every weekend with two generations of 40 students, 80 in total!

Thanks to the solidary support of the Pequeño Sol Elementary School we can continue implementing this project every Saturday in a place as beautiful as it is inspiring.

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